Thursday, March 11, 2021

Capturing Old Time Cowgirls And Getting Your Ears Lowered

 March 11, 2021

   Looking back and planning forward. Juni Fisher and I are hot at it, developing an old school cowgirl we call Nellie Odle based on some of the wild cowgirls we have known. 

Daily Whip Out:

"Nellie Odle In The Saddle"

  We are inspired by so many old photos, you know, like these wonderful horseback females.

Ten Sleep Cowgirls

Circa 1906: Elmer & Della Chatfield's daughters
at their ranch near Ten Sleep, Wyoming.
Audrey, Marion, Helen, Sevilla, Constance"Babe"

   As opposed to say, this version of the cowgirl.  

Cowgirl With A Gun

Henager Museum

   Not that she's bad, but there is a much more authentic version that we are dying to tell you about.

A Nose And Ear Clarification

   In yesterday's post I mentioned that Mike Gordon lost his nose when a sore loser grabbed him by the shoulders and bit off his schnoz. Here is the actual quote from the newspaper:

"Of late years, Gordon had been disfigured by the loss of his nose.  It was bitten off by a gambler from whom he was taking money.  His antagonist seized him with a grasp of iron by both ears and with his teeth wrought the disfiguration."

—Las Vegas Optic


Billy Mash-up by Dan The Man

   I swear, sometimes we do stuff that falls through the cracks or, perhaps, it evaporates into the ether. I was looking for something else and saw this Billy the Kid mash-up which Dan Harshberger created for a possible cover story comparing historical characters, like Billy the Kid, with their celluloid selfs.

Henry Antrim smashed up against
Emilio Estevev from Young Guns

   If this doesn't nail that concept, I don't know what does.

Cave Creek Memories

The original Paul's Barbershop in Cave Creek was catty-corner from the Black Mountain Feed Store. A classic old school digs with tattered magazines and tattered Creeker characters telling tall windies. I swear you had to wear hip boots to get in the door!

Paul's Barbershop, circa 1992

Yes, Paul is wearing a bow tie because he was a classy barber, not some hipster with a blow dryer. I'll buy you a taco if you can name the crusty customer getting his ears lowered. There's a saying you don't hear anymore: "Looks like you got your ears lowered."

"Never ask a barber if you need a haircut."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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