Monday, November 15, 2021

Dan The Man Mocks Up Some Slick Covers for In-din Police

 November 15, 2021

   Getting set to do a big cover story on In-din police. Dan The Man mocked up several excellent covers.

In-din Police Cover #1

   This fantastic photo came to us via Stuart Rosebrook who found it in a rare collection. The rest are from author John Langellier who is doing this subject as a book.

In-din Police Cover #2

   I think the cover really pops but some on the staff think it robs the picture of its historical significance and it should run as much like the original photo as possible. So, Dan oblidged, and here is that version.

In-din Police Cover #3

   Okay, which one would you buy off the newsstand?

   I know, I know. We change these covers so often, tweaking here and blending there, trying to find just the right balance. Of course it's a labor of love, and you know what they say about change.

"To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often."

—Winston Churchill


  1. I like the second, but it would be cool if the badge (only) could be in color, gold or silver, to highlight it’s significance.

    1. Sorry, #3 was the one I meant…still with the badge colored…

  2. I'm going with #3- there are stories in his eyes. In black and white it's a very striking image. I like #1 also, but I don't think it will sell. It's easy to have opinions when it's not your money. Yep, definitely #3.

  3. I like #2.....I love his face, but in fact....all 3 are. above 98% amazing.


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