Saturday, November 27, 2021

Yaqui Legends Never Told

November 27, 2021

The Yaqui in northern Sinaloa have a legend about a one-eyed captivo who rode out of a dust devil fully formed. All the men feared him but the women could not resist his glowing eye.

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"The Legend of Mickey Free"

(The Uncut Version)

   There is also another old Yaqui legend that ten leagues north of Cold Water (Agua Fria) and three-and-a-half fathoms below the Seven Sisters there is a cactus pointing towards a cave.

   If someone finds that cactus and goes into the cave, that person will be blessed with a ridiculously, large imagination.

A Dying Saguaro Points The Way

    So, don't go into that cave and feel the energy, because the guy who owns the trees behind the cactus will shoot you on sight if you set foot on his property. But you can still stoke your imagination by looking at these two photos, then call the Desert Land Trust and make a donation before you die. Don't tell them I sent you.

"History knocks at a thousand gates at every moment, and the gatekeeper is chance. We shout into the mist for this one or that one to be opened for us, but through every gate are a thousand more. We need wit and courage to make our way while our way is making us." 
—Alexander Herzen

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