Wednesday, November 03, 2021

First Impressions of Mickey Free and Monet Loves Great Hats

 November 3, 2021

   To the Apaches he is a skinny ghost, a half-breed born into a living purgatory, where all sides hate him.

   I sure love him, though.

Daily Whip Out: "Big Jack Tracker"

First Impressions

   One of the best of the Impressionists was this guy.

"Woman With Umbrella Turned to the Left"

Claude Monet, 1886

   He was a master of color, plus, the dude wore great hats.

Claude Monet wore great hats
but he sure could beat himself up.

"Colors pursue me like a constant worry. They even worry me in my sleep. I am very depressed and deeply disgusted with painting. It is really a continual torture. I’m never finished with my paintings; the further I get, the more I seek the impossible and the more powerless I feel. No one but myself knows the anxiety I go through and the trouble I give myself to finish paintings which do not satisfy me and seem to please so very few others. I despise the opinion of the press and the so-called critics. My life has been nothing but a failure."
—Claude Monet

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