Thursday, November 11, 2021

Taylor Sheridan vs. Phil Sheridan

 November 11, 2021

   Kathy and I watched the two-part opening of the fourth season of Yellowstone last night. I had a couple of incentives to watch. One is, the writing is very good, and two, the production company ordered a box of assorted True West magazines to scatter around the Dutton bunkhouse. Haven't seen one yet, but, if you find one in an upcoming episode, send it to me. I promise you will be rewarded appropriately. 

   Meanwhile, I was talking to the Top Secret Writer yesterday about a future article on the man who saved Yellowstone Park (that would be General Phil Sheridan) and Paul told me when he casually Googled "Sheridan Yellowstone" he got a whole page of Taylor Sheridan and the TV show "Yellowstone," and not the guy who saved the park.

   And speaking of the founder of the feast, I believe this is the man himself:

Taylor Sheridan as Travis Wheatley

   Yes, this is a screen capture of the co-creator and writer of the series. A quick search confirms it's him and, evidently, his character takes the snot-nosed kid introduced in the first episode, Jimmy, back to the famed Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. This will also be the location of the next Yellowstone spinoff series, 6666. So, if I understand this correctly, we're getting a spin off called Y1883 which stars Sam Eliott, among others, and then there will be another spinoff called 6666! That is crazy, if true.

   Well, speaking of head spinning, I especially enjoyed the flashback in the first episode to the 1880s cowboys encountering the In-dins on the Dutton Ranch. I checked with someone who works on the show and he told me they filmed those scenes a week before the show aired and got it inserted into the mix! Now that is a fast turnaround.

"Yes, I got a call to come to Montana ASAP with some of my Plains Indian regalia to help with the Native riders who showed up to work on the show. It seems that long hair is not so much in fashion right now and not all of the wigs were cutting it. I provided Indian Feather headdresses, otter caps, and Buffalo Headdresses that really helped to sell the scenes. I saw the commercial Sunday night and sure enough there was a quick cut to a warrior racing with a 'Warbonnet' on. I can't reveal anything other that to say that the crew I worked with are very good at their jobs and the look is every bit as good and EPIC as 'Lonesome Dove'. The writing is outstanding which is no surprise since Taylor Sheridan is a genius in that capacity. I am proud and grateful to have added my thimble full of effort to the show."
—Jim Hatzell

   Loved this line from episode two:

"Living in Montana is just poverty with a view."
—Taylor Sheridan


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I found this because I Googled if T. Sheridan was related to P. Sheridan of "the only good Indian" statement fame. It appears unlikely. 1883 is a good show.....

    1. Sharon Ullman11:31 AM

      I'm curious about the possible relationship between General Phil Sheridan and Taylor Sheridan, as well. Perhaps by telling the story of the mistreatment of Native Americans Taylor is trying to repent on behalf of his ancestor(s)? If Taylor Sheridan happens to read this comment, I would love to hear your response. My husband and I just finished watching "1883" and it was fantastic and very well written. We are looking forward to jumping into "Yellowstone" now, as well.


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