Tuesday, June 07, 2022

My Favorite Wife

 June 7, 2022

Got this great photo I had never seen before from Deb Radina this morning.

Earl and Betty Radina with their daughter,
Kathy Sue, on her first birthday.

That was 71 years ago, today. Happy Birthday favorite wife!

Kathy Sue and her favorite leg warmer
(after the fire)

She, of course, has worn many hats, as they say. Grade school teacher, real estate agent, first class mama and family therapist.

The Cave Creek Master Realtor

Frankly, I have always bought what she was selling.

"I believe that everyone in the world wants to be with someone else tonight, together in the dark, with the sweet warmth of a hip or a foot or a bare expanse of shoulder within reach."

—Roger Ansell

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