Monday, June 06, 2022

Twin Arrows Minus One

 June 6, 2022

   When I was a kid, ghost towns were fun—and funny. Almost every weekend our family would go on a Sunday picnic after church and drive out to one of the many ghost towns in Mohave County. And, because of the mining boom and bust, there were plenty: Oatman, Goldroad, Cerbat, Chloride, Signal and White Hills were some of our favorites.

White Hills in its heyday. Not a stick remains.

   Recently, I realized the obvious. The dying cycle is upon us and the ghost town phenom is coming for our times.

Twin Arrows, Down to One

   That would be the classic Twin Arrows Trading Post on old Route 66 near Flag. I guess it's safe to say, our days are numbered as well. Damn.

   The surviving arrow photo was posted by Jan Slaman on the Historic Route 66 site.

"All things must pass."

—Boy Howdy

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