Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is This A New Photograph of Doc Holliday?

August 20, 2015
   A True West exclusive: is this a new photograph of Doc Holliday?

 Even blurred, as shown here, you can make out the distinctive visage of the deadly dentist.

Mary Doria Russell has shared with us a photograph that is very intriguing. It shows a man who resembles Holliday, who is dying of tuberculosis in the 1880s. The face in the photograph has been blurred here to protect the subscribers who will get the crystal clear image in their mailboxes this week.

"This is funny."
—Doc Holliday


  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Hey, it's midweek. I need that issue!!!!!!

  2. Can't wait to receive the issue and read about the provenance for the photo, also..

  3. Just want to say right now: the photo is owned by Don McKenna and I have no financial interest in it. We will never know the sitter's name. Don and I always refer him as The Poor Soul. And yet...

  4. Many "poor souls" died of TB, back then, and still do today, unfortunately.. Will be interesting to see the photo, etc..even though, we will not know exactly who it is..

  5. Bob, it's almost a month since you posted that blurred out photo that might be Doc Holliday. True West subscribers have all received their issue with the unblurred image in it by now. How about reposting the photo sharp so the rest of us can decide whether or not it is Doc. We'll compare it with the dental school graduation shot, and with the full figure autographed photo, and not with the highly questionable portraits.


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