Monday, August 24, 2015

You Talkin' To Me?

August 24, 2015
    The older I get the more I talk to myself. Both out loud, and on paper. Here's a couple pages from my sketchbook.

 Daily Whip Outs: "You Talkin' To Me?"

   Sometimes I just enjoy simulating old photographs with all the imperfections and sepia saturated tones.

Daily Whip Out: "Sergeant"

And, sometimes I push washes around until they speak to me.

Daily Whip Out: "Crossroads"

   Wondering why I do all of this, but then, in a moment of introspection, I realize:

"Perfectionism is the enemy of creation, as extreme self-solitude is the enemy of well-being."
—John Hoyer Updike

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