Monday, August 10, 2015

Try The Green Chile In Corona

August 10, 2015
   The Billy the Kid Pageant was a roaring success. Here's Billy the Kid with just a few of his fans:

Billy the Kid and his Billy Babes

   I've been coming to Lincoln since 1978 and I've never seen bigger crowds.

Lincoln slammed with tourists for the 10-minute parade.

  Took the back road from Carrizozo to Albuquerque yesterday, thru Corona, Estancia, Chillili and Tijeras. Great clouds and lonely, abandoned ranches. Very serene. 

Lonely, abandoned ranch north of Estancia

   Had a bowl of green chile in Corona at El Corral Cafe ($5). After church crowd. Heard all the local gossip. That was fun, but made me glad I don't live there. Ha.

   Landed at the High Chaparral at about four. Dinner with the Huttons. Off to Santa Fe today for a meeting with the director of monuments.

"There's no way to find a real solution to an imaginary problem."
—Jason Segel

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