Monday, August 31, 2015

Mickey Made Us All Show Up

August 31, 2015
   Took me all day yesterday to recover from the reunion. This is what happens when you hang with two of the prettiest girls who ever came out of Kingman, Arizona. Granted both "girls" are grandmothers now, but you know you are having fun when you end up at the Kingman Denny's at midnight.

The Mohave County Union High School Class of 1965

   Actually, I could also make a strong case that you are in a very bad way if you find yourself in a Denny's at midnight.

   Great seeing all the old-timers. We had one surprise guest, Leroy Butler who has never been to a reunion. When I asked him why he finally showed up after all these years, he shook his head, looked down and said, "Mickey made me come."

The "Governor" Mickey Campa

"You will show up or I will kick your ass at Metcalf Park during lunch hour."
—The Goernor

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