Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Return of The 66 Kid

December 21, 2016
   A couple months ago I got a visit from a delightful producer who works at C-Span and she told me they were in the Valley of the Sun looking for local authors. Thanks to Shelly Dudley at Guidon Books she contacted me and came out to my studio and interviewed me about my book, "The 66 Kid." They asked if I had any coverage of early Route 66 imagery and I told them my partner, Ken Amorosano, and I, had put together a video, utilizing my family home movies for the Powerhouse Museum in Kingman to run with my artwork and history display. They utilized that footage and made a pretty cool little video. Here it is:

The 66 Kid on C-Span


  1. I'm glad to know how your great interests began. Keep on digging for the truth and sharing it.


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