Sunday, December 03, 2017

Bot Bashing And Our Country's Dilemma

December 3, 2017
   My partner, Ken, loves the bots. He raves about how they are streamlining our business and eliminating waste. I personally hate these same bots. They are insidious and out after all our jobs. 

   For example, a group of art students from Kingman visited the True West World Headquarters last Friday and I tried to warn them: it's going to become harder and harder to do art that is original. A bot will do it faster, better and cheaper, if not for free. And, speaking of free. . .

Free At Last
   Just when our country needed him most. . .

Daily Whip Out: "He Rode Out of a Dust Storm
in the Summer of '86"

      He was a mixed-breed captivo, thrown into a world he didn't ask for, nor understand.

Daily Whip Out: "Mickey Free In Dust"

   The Top Secret Writer and I came up with the idea of a graphic novel on this Crazy Captivo and we have made several runs at the idea, but it has never gained traction. Somehow, I think we missed a convincing scene (and I have a hunch it would only take one, if it was done right). One in which we witness his humanity and his dilemma. One that I believe our entire country is immersed in at the moment: Who the hell are we and how in God's name did we get to this crazy place?

Always An Outsider

   I recently heard that our social media driven techno-morass-juggernaut has created a "category five disruption."


"Things have come to a hell of a pass when a man with horse sense acts like an ass."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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  1. I was watching a popular TV show for a few episodes recently, but looked at my wife & tld her I was no longer going to DVR it because there wasn’t one of the characters that I could root for, or even identify with. Now I’m old & am probably not their target audience, but I feel much the same about Mickey Free. I just haven’t much read or seen much that would make me interested, or curious about him. I think you need that “thing” to be successful with that character.


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