Monday, December 18, 2017

Road Trip to The Old Pueblo

December 18, 2017
   Kathy and I headed for the Old Pueblo this morning with my son Thomas Charles, his wife Pattarapan and their baby girl Harper. A little pre-birthday road trip fun. Seeing the Cats play tonight and then on to the Grand Canyon.

Richard Ignarski's "Ringo hat"

   Great look. Speaking of looks, I have had trouble locating an image of El Monte pioneer, Susan Thompson, so I decided to channel her visage through my hand.

Daily Whip Out: "Susan Thompson"

"If the 'Good Old Days' had been that good, we'd still be living that way."

—Helen Mortensen, born August 1883, Pacific Junction, Iowa

"An artist must be aware of one's own absurdity but not allow that knowledge to diminish the importance of one's witness."
—paraphrased from Adam Gopnik riffing on Montaigne in The New Yorker, Jan. 16, 2017

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