Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cold Canyon Cuties & Mason's Hot Toddy

December 21, 2017
   We motored up north yesterday so our daughter-in-law could finally see The Grand Canyon (she lived here four years before they moved back to Thailand and, like many other Zonies, never went). We decided to fix that! We spent the night in Flag at Little America and we got up this morning to snow and a freezing wind.

The Tom Bell fam dam in the parking lot of Martann's this morning where it was 22 degrees!

   We are long time fans of Martann's and for Tom Bell this was sort of old home week.

Pattarapan and Harper in Martann's this morning.

One happy boy with Martann's huevos rancheros.

   After huevos rancheros and plenty of hot coffee, we motored the back way past the Snow Bowl and saw more than one car in the ditch from treacherous black ice. The temperature dropped to 14 degrees with snow flurries all the way to Valle where we slid out into oncoming traffic when we tried to stop. Fortunately we ran into nobody and cruised on semi-oblivious to our perilous close call.

   At the South Rim it was even colder, windy and icy, with the wind chill factor making it close to zero. Went inside Bright Angel Lodge to get warm, where I found the solution in the bar.

Mason's Hot Toddy

   Thus steeled, I ventured outside.

One cold Kingman boy on the South Rim.

   Dang, it was frigid! Whenever I experience this severe cold, even in small doses, I always think of my Hualapai brothers. How in the hell did they survive out here?

Canyon Cuties

"Golly what a gully."
—Teddy Roosevelt

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  1. Careful out there, Boze. Your presence is yet required by many.


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