Thursday, December 07, 2017

Rumble On: Three Chords And The Truth

December 7, 2017
   I remember exactly where I was when I heard those "dangerous and transgressive" chords for the very first time. I was in downtown Kingman, on Beale Street, in front of Mohave Electric and a cheap speaker was blasting out onto the sidewalk this revolutionary distortion—and I knew immediately, it just HAD TO BE ILLEGAL!

   It took a while, but that distortion paved the way for the Stones' "Satisfaction" (1965) and almost every song Led Zeppelin ever did. 

   Oh, and the entire Metal catalogue. 

   Hard to believe, but this powerful, but simple riff, was created by an In-din boy named Link Wray.

Link Wray And The Wraymen Get Down

"In 1958, the guitar riff known as 'Rumble' shocked audiences. Its use of distortion and bass made it sound dangerous and transgressive to audiences at the time."

—Lulu Garcia, Weekend Edition, NPR

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    Band from radio for being violent


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