Monday, December 10, 2018

A Hot Time at Castle Hot Springs

December 10, 2018
   Went out to Castle Hot Springs last weekend for a big party. The resort, which dates back to 1896, is reopening after the first of the year. On the walls of the dining room they have all these great old photos of guests having a blast on the grounds.

Castle Hot Springs Riders

I especially loved a photo of some old guy singing opera with his honey in the hottest, hot springs.

Some Old Geezer being held up
by his much younger wife

Looks like a turn of the century photo, or, perhaps a late 2018 era photo. Says at the bottom it was taken by Patrick Rapps Photography, so you know it has to be authentic and old.

"A lot of conflict in the Wild West could have been avoided if cowboy architects had just made their towns big enough for everyone."
—Old Gunfighter Saying

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  1. Lara Vineyard9:20 AM

    Love this photo of you and your wife! What fun it was to have you participate!


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