Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Sad Sack Dally, The Discard and Duke Ahoy Meet The Slide Lady

December 25, 2018
   What do I like to do on Christmas day? Scratch away, Jose. It's downright relaxing and fun.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Outs:
"Cowboy Tryptich"

   These random cowboys are, from left, Sad Sack Dally, The Discard and Duke Ahoy. Each one has a story, but, full disclosure, The Discard, is from a video screen capture of a faro player (Tate Wilford) shot out at Pioneer Living History Museum some 15 years ago for a segment of True West Moments that ran on the Westerns Channel.

  What does grandma like to do while grandpa is scratching cowboys? Well, she's out in the back yard bolting together a used castle for the grandkids, who are supposed to be coming to Cactusland tomorrow.

Grandma Arm Wrestles
A Used Slide to The Ground

   And yes, that is a can of WD-40 on the deck beside her.

Grandma Nails Slide Assembly
With One Small Quibble

   Okay, the slide is on its side. I'm not about to say anything, but hopefully, it will be righted before the grandkids arrive tomorrow. And if they do say anything I'll just blame it on that old crazy bone.

Christmas Eve Out The Front Gate

"When you got hell to pay
Put the truth on layaway
And blame it on that ole' crazy bone"

—John Prine

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