Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Lust In The Dust

December 26, 2018
   Kids coming in this afternoon. Noodling, noodling, noodling. . .

Daily Whip Out: "Lust In The Dust"

Kristi took a video of me working on a Daily Whip Out last week and here is the end result:

"Desert Surfer Girl"

Random Notes from all my 2018 sketchbooks
   I want to create a graphic novel so ridiculous that only my best friends would even consider buying it—and then NOT sell it to them!

   Every hell has its novelties.

   The wildest colts make the best horses.

   The Tecolotes (literally "owls," Mexican slang for the police)

   Where we think we are alone, we shall be with all the world!

   The most heroic act is to discover who you'd like to be.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:
"The Discard"

   He has to overcome three temptations. . .

   He descended into the darkness (the unconscious).

"Whatever you do, is evil to somebody."
—Joseph Campbell

"You're standing on a whale fishing for minnows."
—Joseph Campbell

   All of life is a meditation. What myths are for is to bring our consciousness into a spiritual place.
(all Joseph Campbell observations)

The Wrong Side of History
   It's easy to see the beginning of things. It's harder to see the end of things.

Mexican Slang
"Pollas en vinagre!" (Mexican slang expletive: Dicks in vinegar!)

"They are the sons of their double-whore mothers!"

"You stole a horse to track down a stolen horse?"

Ay, Que Rico! (Oh, how rich!)

Don't kill yourself to achieve a bigger guilded cage.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:
"Sad Sack Dally"

"Radical change is the nature of American life. That's the only permanent thing."
—Philip Roth

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