Saturday, June 15, 2019

Deadwood Is Damn Grand!

June 15, 2019
   Had a glorious day in downtown Deadwood yesterday.

My gracious hosts put me up in the Deadwood Mountain Grand, high on the hill overlooking the entire town.

   I spoke at noon on the lawn at the historic Adams House to a packed, standing-room-only crowd. Afterwards, I walked down to the Adams Museum where I signed books and talked to all the locals and tourists who flocked in (we sold two cases of books and gave away three times as many copies of our True West Deadwood issue!)

   Two of my favorite people showed up:

The Jim and Kim Show!

   That's my artist compadre, Jim Hatzell, on the left (check out that fantastic rim lighting on his hat!). And between us is the dynamite tour guide, Kim Keehn who always styles it so cool. She has a Haunted History Walking Tour of Deadwood that is just the best. Check her out at:

   After we sold out of virtually everything we shipped to Deadwood, Jim and I walked over this historic hotel where Pete Dexter wrote most of his seminal book, "Deadwood."

Storm Clouds Over
The Franklin Hotel

      Special thanks to Rose Speirs and her crew for making my stay so delightful. I am inspired and I had a great time and now it's time to fly home and get back to work.

"If you don't think actors are animals, you've never eaten with one."
—Mel Brooks


  1. We enjoyed your Company Bob. By the way the name Deadwood Mountain Grand sounds so much better than the Slime Plant. :-)

  2. Wish I would have known you were there. We would have came out to hear you speak. We always stay at Deadwood Mt Grand too.


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