Monday, June 24, 2019

Six Sins In My Holster And Other Scarlet Hiding Places

June 24, 2019
   I snagged three old-school framed covers at a silent auction at the Western Writers of America conference in Tucson last weekend. (I think they belonged to the author Chris Enss). I bid $75 and successfully bought all three so I could get my hands on this one:

   Funny how that old-school, puritan cheesecake tickles my fancy.

  Noodled some clouds yesterday. Had fun. Saw some dust devils on the way back from Tucson on Friday and so tried to get them down on paper.

Daily Whip Out: "Cloud Cover Dust Devil"

Daily Whip Out: "Diagonal Dust Devil"

Daily Whip Out: "Eye of The Storm"

"If there's a formula, it's based on passion and commitment. That won't guarantee a wide readership, but it will guarantee the satisfaction of having written a story that matters to you: the ultimate reward."
—David Morrell, "Lessons From a Lifteime of Writing"

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  1. I remember skies like that in Honky Tonk Sue


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