Friday, December 06, 2019

A Texas Ranger Meets The Cover Boys

December 6, 2019
   This image of a Texas Ranger has always intrigued me, especially the placement of his knife worn next to the reversed pistol.

A Texas Ranger Frontier Battalion 

   I know. I know. Some of you believe he slid it around because the photographer told him to do it, but I don't buy it. I've seen too many Ranger photos with this arrangement to think otherwise.

   Meanwhile, here are three other guys who agree with me:

The Cover Boys

L to R: Dan The Man Harshberger, Robert Ray, Stuart Rosebrook and BBB at Los Dos Molinos on Camelback Road in Phoenix, going over future covers for True West magazine.

Got up to (yawn) another stunning sunrise this morning.

Another yawner over Ratcliff Ridge

   Lots of talk around here about "The Irishman." I almost gave up on it after the first hour (it's three-and-a-half hours long!), but, ultimately, I was glad I stayed with it. I agree with these wise guys:

"Joe Pesci is a revelation. He's lost the strut and the shtick that use to define his performances, and does everything with his sad, watchful eyes and his lovely, walnut-shell face. When he and Robert De Niro are onscreen together, you believe in the power of art."
The New York Times

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  1. Regarding the Texas ranger photo: the pistol holster and knife position is a yawner. What interested me was the Winchester carried with the butt forward. Not only is it awkward to access will snag brush and likely interfere with reining. I can tell you that it's awkward no matter where you hang it : It's a straight piece if iron that don't fit right anywhere on a horse.


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