Wednesday, December 18, 2019

An Old Dog Discovers Abstract Impressionism

December 18, 2019
   Believe it or not, just this week I discovered something new:

Daily Whip Out: "Eye of The Vortex"

   Abstract Impressionism is a form of abstract painting in which artists use colors instead of object representations in their artworks. The ultimate goal is to express wisdom, mental focus, and inner emotions.

  Oh, really? So, that is what this is.

Daily Whip Out: "Steel Updraft"

   Going back through my sketchbooks I now see these emotional doodles, mostly done while talking on the phone or, trying to get warmed up, or, more than likely, trying to avoid work. Somehow, the fact that I wasn't trying to capture anything representational gives these paintings a certain pristine authenticity.

Daily Whip Out: "Primitive Man"

Daily Whip Out: "Tree Line"

"Things do not change. We change."

—Henry David Thoreau

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