Friday, December 13, 2019

Archived True West Cartoons: Deep Within The Cringe Worthy Zone

December 13, 2019
   I have to confess that as much as I loved True West magazine growing up, I never really thought the cartoons were all that funny. Today, looking back at our vast archives, which we now have online, quite a few of them are even less than funny. And a few are deep in the Cringe Worthy Zone.

True West Archives, 1953 (first issue!)

True West Archives, August 1955

   A few are prescient. Check it out:

True West Archives, date missing

   And one or two hit close to home:

True West Archives, April 1964

Some are just plain dumb:

True West Archives, July August, 1959

Now back to the cringers:

True West Archives, Jan-Feb, 1960

And then, there are a few that need new punchlines, like this one:

True West Archives, July-August, 1959

   "Is that the new Mustang?"

And a few just seem perverse by today's standards:

"Hey, Dude, are you staring at my middle pistol?"

   And here's another one that needs a caption:

True West Archives, Winter 1953

   If you have a caption for these, I'd sure like to see 'em. Email your best cartoon captions to me at:

   One or two just might make it into the magazine!

"Hey, folks. It's just lines on paper."

—R. Crumb

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