Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas On The Very Wet Desert

December 25, 2019
   We've got a full house, with more kids coming in on Thursday. Rained all night on Christmas Eve and we woke up to a wet wonderland this morning.

   One thing is certain, if Grandma Goose is happy and the grandkids are happy and the living room is a total wreck, you know it's a good Christmas morning.

   We enjoyed a wet walk up to Morningstar and Harper had to pose in front of her favorite saguaro.

   Going out for Chinese tonight and building a fire in the fireplace when we get home, plus I'm reading a good book.

"He smelled the gunpowder smoke rising up from below in long windless strands that snarled in the cedar."
—Paulette Jiles, "News of The World"

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  1. Great photos Bob, especially those cute grandkids.
    Our first Christmas without our son, but we made sure that the kids enjoyed it


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