Saturday, December 07, 2019

El Viejo Pendejo In The Campfire Light

December 7, 2019
   Still studying campfire light for a short story idea I have:

     Driving out to Tempe this evening to see this one man show:

   More viejo pendejo:

"El Viejo Pendejo In The Campfire Light"

   As he tells his story we flash back to here:

"The Pendejo Rides In"

   And then, to here:

   More tales from on the border with Boze. Meanwhile, I am listening to my new favorite song:

"Over and over we try and we fail, to figure out this game we're all in. . .May not have gotten all that I dreamed of. . .pretty sure I got what I deserved."
—Slaid Cleves, "Already Gone" on the CD "Ghost On The Car Radio"

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