Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Brother From Another Mother & Poaching From Manga RWBY

January 14, 2020
   We get lots of visitors who drop into the True West World Headquarters this time of year (so far today, the number is 9). Here's a subscriber from Las Cruces I got a big kick out of talking with:

Gregory T. Croxton and BBB

   Still rounding up artwork for the big show on Thursday night. Got these art poster suckers framed by Guzal and she hand delivered them to my studio this morning:

BBB Art Posters for the Geronimo
Premiere on Thursday night

   Last Saturday I went to Barnes & Noble with a $100 gift certificate from the lovely Carole Compton Glenn, who gave it to me for my birthday. I bought a bunch of very cool books and one of them was a graphic novel called "RWBY: The Official Companion" by Daniel Wallace. It's normally not my cup of tea—Manga-mania—and I probably would have never bought it, but for the fact that, Hey, free book! Anyway, it had some very sophisticated color schemes inside and one of them I poached for a graphic novel story I am developing with my son:

   A color poach from RWBY (and, by the way, RWBY is an acronym for Red-White-Blue-Yellow—a bastardization of the primary colors—and also distorts to the name Ruby, allegedly.

"Don't look at things—look in between things."
—John Baldessari, the artist, 1931-2020

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  1. The photo of yourself with Gregory Croxton reminds me of a recent occurrence.

    Obviously Gregory is a Vietnam veteran.

    While in the Air Force many years ago I was stationed with a missile squadron in North Dakota, back when the Vietnam situation was starting to heat up.

    Folks often ask me if I’m a Vietnam veteran. My reply is always the same; “No, where I was stationed was much more remote than Vietnam.”

    Of course they always ask “Where might that have been?” To which I reply “North Dakota. If you’ve ever been there, you understand.”

    P.S. I’m about halfway through your book “The 66 Kid.” Love everything about it; your writing style, artwork, everything. I grew up in the boonies of western Pennsylvania during the same era, and can identify with your suburban upbringing.

    I’ve both flown and driven into Kingman many time over the years, especially while staying in Laughlin, and scoping out western historic sites; Oatman, Congress, etc., Even driven Route 66 all the way to Needles. Beautiful country out there.

    A few years ago I was on a long final approach into Bullhead airport. A guy came on the radio advising his buddy in another airplane; “The airport’s closed. I’m sitting on the runway waiting for the firetrucks to arrive. I just landed gear-up, but I‘m OK.”

    I did a 180-degree turn, flew down to Needles, and stayed there a couple hours until Bullhead re-opened.

    Have a pleasant upcoming weekend.

    Best regards,
    Gordy Weigle


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