Sunday, January 19, 2020

Edmundo Segundo Out Wickenburg Way

January 19, 2020
   Last Night was a big night in Wickenburg, Arizona for the Ed Mell 50-Year Retrospective. One hundred, stellar, rock-hard paintings taking up three rooms at the Desert Caballeros Museum.

The Honored Artist: Ed Mell
and his wife Rose Mari

   Edmundo confessed to me he was going for a look that landed somewhere between me and Billy G (Gibbons). I think he nailed it.

   At the banquet in Edmundo's honor I provided the laughs and Ed provided a painting which sold at auction for $30,000.

BBB, Edmundo Segundo & The Duke

   For my testimonial, the museum comped me a room at the exquisite Rancho de los Caballeros Resort and I must say it was delightful and desert-gorgeous.

That's my casita, middle right

Sunrise on nearby Vulture Peak

   Nice breakfast this morning in the guest ranch dining room. Fun talking to Carson Mell about his ideas for a new style Western. We drew quite a crowd of guys in the process.

Male Bonding Breakfast

"Don't bore people with the facts."
—David Mamet, in his Master Class

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