Thursday, January 23, 2020

Four Geronimo T-Shirt Designs For You to Consider

January 23, 2020
   My boy turns 37 today. Happy Birthday Thomas Charles!

   Meanwhile, I had our design team, Dan Harshberger and Rebecca Edwards come up with four Geronimo T-Shirt designs to consider. With help from our Marketing Guru, Ken Amorosano, here's what we came up with for your consideration:

Design #1: "Geronimo Warrior"

Design #2: "Geronimo Warrior #2"

Design #3: "Geronimo Triptych"

Design #4: "Geronimo Never Surrender"

   Let me know which one you have to have in your closet and on your body. Thanks!

"You go back home and everything you wished was different is still the same and everything you wished was the same is different."
—Cormac McCarthy, "Cities of The Plain"


  1. Great images all. I will DM re image 4. Encourage everyone to do the same! Thanks Bob/Kathy! <3

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I like the first one best.

    Steve in Germany

  3. Number three - It shows 3 very important chapters of his life. And the colors are great too.

  4. #1 has the Strongest Design and message...with a "Killer" Portrait. ( No pun intended.)

  5. Really likes #3 and #4, should be in my closet!


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