Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The True West Staff On A Rainy Day In Cave Creek

January 21, 2020
   So I had to eat two of the Geronimo banners because of a controversy over one of the words, and rather than throw them away, I put them up on the True West World Headquarters, and since they looked kind of cool, I thought we'd do a staff photo after our Design Review on Tuesday morning and since it rained all night, Robert Ray begged off driving out, so, minus Robert and Stuart Rosebrook, who is in Iowa, here are the staff who showed up today to argue for better things in the magazine.

The True West Staff
L to R: Christine Lake, Rebecca Edwards, Jenna Link, Ken Amorosano, BBB, Carole Glenn, Greg Carroll, Samantha Crowley and Dan The Man Harshberger

   As I mentioned, it rained most of the night and Elephant Butte was socked in this morning.

Elephant Butte Socked In

Still noodling campfire scenes for a project my son and I are working on.

Daily Whip Outs: "Ring Around The Moon"

"Great art is clear thinking about mixed feelings."
—John Baldessari

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