Friday, January 24, 2020

You Can't Go Home Again

January 24, 2020
   Pictures take me back to my youth in Mohave County.

The Kimo Cafe, 1950. Jim Weinke at door

   I had my fourteenth birthday party at the Kimo Cafe.

The Kingman Drive-in, 1963

   We tried to sneak into the drive-in with Michele Gilpin and Rick Ridenour in the trunk of Michele's cousin's GTO. We got caught when the Hurst gear shifter got locked in reverse and I had to open the trunk to let Rick out.

    Both Rick and Michele are gone.

Jugs Iced Free, Hilltop, 1947

Al Bell's Mobiloil Station, Peach Springs, 1947

Tommy and his grandfather
at the Copper Cart in Seligman
on the annual Fun Run

The Exits, New Year's Eve, 1964

   A sad irony is I am still trying to impress five girls I went to school with. Three of them are gone, but I'm still trying.

"You go back home and everything you wished was different is still the same and everything you wished was the same is different."
—Cormac McCarthy, "Cities of The Plain"

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