Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Tara's Mineshaft vs. The Infield Fly Rule

January 29, 2020
   So I've been taking online Master Classes on how to tell a story. Why?

A Classic Frame From Alex Raymond

   Because, as much as I have published I'm not sure I know the basics of storytelling and it was, indeed, "drivin' me nuts!"

   I went to the bank this morning and then had lunch at Sesame Inn in Carefree. Guess who walked in and joined me?

Tara and Lou Jones of Tara's Mineshaft fame

   Back in the late 1990s we did the Jones & Boze Radio Show on KXAM FM radio, live inside the Mineshaft Restaurant (we opened with frying eggs and bacon on a skillet) and it was these two legendary sweethearts who put up with us. As you can clearly see from Lou's expression, he could be a tad grumpy at times, but that's part of his enduring charm.

   Meanwhile, just when we think we've seen all there is to see, along comes a juicy little tidbit about our boy.

Daily Whip Out: "Billy From The Side"

   Thanks to a kid from Australia, we have another insight into the boy bandit. More on the developing story as we get it pinned down. Very exciting.

"I think that what separates our planet Earth from all the other planets is (1) the infield fly rule and (2) Boz Scaggs."

—Thom Ross

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