Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Geronimo Is Hanging High In Scottsdale

January 15, 2020
   Here's some good news for oldsters. Your ability to spot patterns and regularities, improves with age because you've seen some major cycles come and go and your ability to predict stuff coming back down the pike is pretty profound. So, what do you do with that knowledge?  Well, I'd throw a big party tomorrow night at a certain museum in Scottsdale?

Shawn Siems of the museum staff,
stands next to the giant banner promoting
the Geronimo Art Show

   And here I am posing next to the G-Man hanging outside the museum.

   As the destruction of the world we grew up in continues unabated, and the fact that almost everything seems to be imploding, "institutions crumbling, authorities corrupted, faith in the whole experiment evaporating,"  as Ross Douthat succinctly explained in the Times. Mr. Douthat was waxing on the "Academic Apocalypse" and, as he explained it, "A thousand different forces are killing student interest in the humanities. . ."

   Of course, the more things change. . .see you tomorrow night. We'll turn this thing around.

"What goes around, comes around."
—Old Kingman Saying

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