Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Last Man Standing

January 8, 2020
   Rounding up all the final pieces for our big Robert M. Utely coverage on the last surviving trooper of the Little Bighorn fight.

   Here's a rare photo of a spot in Kingman near where I lost my virginity.

Kingman Country Club, 1940

   I have been back numerous times looking for it and I just can't seem to locate it. Yes, that is a golf course in the foreground and that is the brown (as opposed to the green) where the pole is, you know, where you sink you final putt.

   Had lunch today with a former writer at Rolling Stone magazine and Edmundo Segundo.

The Barrio Queen Crew

   And if you'd like to get a sneak peek at the Geronimo artwork in the show, here is the grouping I chose from:

BBB Geronimo Artwork

"The other name for history is annihilation."
—Czeslaw Milosz

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