Sunday, November 08, 2020

A Sneak Peek at The Final Pass(es)

 November 8, 2020

   In Slack calls all day, and it's going to be going into the night. Final stretch on BTKIII.

   You know that phenom when you are moving out of a house and you think you have almost everything moved, and then you keep finding all of these little piles of crap and it's almost as if someone is sneaking stuff back into the house and it never wants to end?

   That is exactly what it feels like when you are trying to finish a book.

   Take this for example:

   This is a sneak peek at the back cover.  The yellow highlights are corrections in an app called Acrobat. When you click on them an editorial note opens with a correction command (kill comma, add possessive, change to past tense, etc). Maddening, but essential.

Daily Spread Out:"The Never Ending Story"

Daily Spread Out:"The Fanner-Fifty Kid"

Daily Spread Out:"BTK On Dandy Dick"

    Going to be tight, but what else is new?

On the news they'll say that someone was murdered "Execution style."

   What are the other styles?


   Thousand Island?


   How would you kill someone homestyle?

   Just pull the belt on their bathrobe tighter and tighter?

   There's only one thing that can leave a mark like that on a body.

   Terry cloth.

   This man was murdered homestyle.

—Jerry Seinfeld (thanks to Carole Glenn for the great book, "Is this Anything?")

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