Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Range Rider Poach

 November 17, 2020

   Since the age of ten, I have lusted for a Range Rider, fringed, leather, classic, pull-over shirt. As I found out the hard way, most curios outlets on old Route 66, that my father would stop at, carried a jacket version—usually made in Taiwan—with a zippered front, but NO, I wanted the Jock Mahoney version, and thanks to Mike Guli, I finally got one! 

A Kingman Kid's Dream Come True

   So, imagine my shock when a cowboy-surfer friend of mine, Mundo Con Queso, sent me this page from an online catalogue:

   The zane factor here is, I am pulling a pistol in the original shot, but they have airbrushed it out. I contacted Mike Guli, on the off chance that this is something he sanctioned, and here is what he had to say about it:

   "I never gave them photos of my work. I have seen several of my pieces on Ebay and Pinterest that claim to be theirs but usually are fakes coming from Pakistan. I was able to close one down on a site called Bonanza. We live in a world where thieves abound. If this were the old west we would deal with these thieves in a quick and permanent way. Thank you Bob, we miss seeing all of you. Hopefully we will have “Winter Range “ this year and we can get together. I am putting together an ad right now for Sherry to go into the next issue. Hope to have it out today."

—Mike Guli

   And here is a link to Mike's wonderful work:

   If you click on "Celebrity Clothing" you will see the photo of me they stole and notice that the pistol is intact. 

"Steal away. . .steal away, baby. . .steal away."
—Led Zeppelin, How Many More Times


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