Monday, November 16, 2020

One Fine Texas Ranger And The Passing of an El Paso Legend

 November 16, 2020

   Just when I think I have seen every cool photo taken in the Old West period, Link Borland posts this fine photograph:

Texas Ranger James Clyde Turner
of the legendary Frontier Battalion
circa 1877 

   Thanks to Chris Eveland, we now have his vitals:

   Hailing from Missouri, James Clyde Turner, was born on October 19, 1858. He was a Texas Ranger under Captain Lee Hall in the legendary Frontier Battalion (which is probably when this photo was taken, in 1877 or 1880). He also served as a constable in Lamar County, Texas, in 1900. He lived until 1956, so no doubt he saw all the TV oaters like "Gunsmoke," "Lawman" and "Bonanza," and I wonder what he said about them? He was 97 when he died and is buried in Red Hill Cemetery, Powderly, Lamar County, Texas.

Leon Metz at Blazer's Mill, 1991

   Just got word this morning that Leon Metz has passed at age 90. He was a rock solid historian with a flare for superb storytelling, and a formidable force in any arena. I'm honored to have known him and I believe he still owns one of the best and certainly the Zaniest quote in the Kid field, regarding Wayne Brazel being acquitted for shooting Pat Garrett while the latter was "seeing a man about a horse":

"The only time in history a man has been assassinated while urinating that the defendant claimed self-defense."

—Leon Metz


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    "Bonanza" debuted September 12, 1959.

    Just sayin'...

  2. That the same Link Borland from Wyatt Earp?

    "Link Borland's buyin . . so drink up"


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