Friday, December 11, 2020

Boomer Okays Sunrise, OK Boomer?

 December 11, 2020

   We Boomers like our routines. I usually wake up around 5:30, have coffee (half a cup) then put two slices of sourdough in the toaster and walk out to get the newspapers (Arizona Republic and New York Times). This morning, when I picked up the newspaper at the end of the driveway, The New York Times was missing, so dammit, now I've got to call that damn 800 number and go through phone hell only to get some hapless headsetter in Pakistan who assures me I will get it within 24 hours, but that is invariably a crapshoot so I'm not even going to make the call, which is probably what corporate wanted in the first place. Anyway, I looked up and saw this spectacular sunrise over Ratcliff Ridge.

Okay, Boomer?

"Too old am I to be content with play. Too young to live untroubled by desire."

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