Sunday, December 06, 2020

Revisiting Vincent & BBB In San Remy

 December 6, 2020

   Covid visitation protocal:

Grandma Betty Gets The Picture

   Kathy and I went to visit her 96-year-old mother yesterday. Because of the pandemic restrictions, we had to talk to her on the phone through an outside window to her room. She is doing as good as can be expected and she did recognize me and blew me a kiss.

Revisiting San Remy

   Some crazy app on my phone rotates photos so that when I get up in the morning it reminds me of trips I have made. Although this is slightly irritating—and a bit creepy—there have been some delightful memories revisited, like this trip to see and experience the land of one of my art heroes.

BBB at Saint Remy de Provence
September 25, 2015

   Saint Remy de Provence near Arles in the south of France is the location of the insane asylum Vincent van Gogh spent some quality time in.

   And, what do you suppose I sketched that day?        
   Well, thanks to my curator, Kristi Jacobs, I can go right into the morgue and pull down the very sketchbook I am holding in the above photo and turn to the page in question:

Daily Whip Out: "Saint Remy mountains"
September 25, 2015

     Not to mention a few portraits from the same sketchbook of the man himself:

Daily Whip Out: "Ear Ouch!"

Daily Whip Out:
"Tommy's Vincent van Gogh"
(My son Tommy has dibs on this framed portrait which hangs in our guest bathroom.)

Daily Whip Out: "Vincent With Crows"

(This one is in there as well)

"What I most want is for people to find some sympathy for my work."

—Vincent van Gogh

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