Thursday, December 10, 2020

In Praise of a Beaut, Which Is Technically A Butte, But It Sure Looks Like It Wants to Be Butt

 December 10, 2020

   Okay, here's a beaut, or, should that be butte (?), which unfortunately looks like butt, but is pronounced as Beaut, which is short for beautiful.      Go figure.

  Here's my good friend Edmundo Segundo (Ed Mell II) in front of his spectacular panorama "Morning Light On Meek's Mesa." The boy knows what he's doing even though technically, that Meek's Mesa in the back, left, and that is a butte in the foreground. But, who cares, it's a beaut!

Another Edmundo Beaut!

     Meanwhile, Kathy wants more joy in her life and she has been on a tear, which unfortunately looks like a term for eye leaking and perhaps should be spelled "tare," but that's just dumb looking, isn't it? Anyway, Kathy had the garage door painted red and man, does it make her happy.

Kathy's Joy!

   Yes, that is Lino and Ed from Vernon Nolte & Sons Painting in Cave Creek. They did a great job. And, here is another shot of the red garage door at sunset.

Red Door At Sunset

   And, just for grins, here is the famous Cliff House in San Francisco before it burned to the ground in 1896. The rebuilt restaurant is a bit more modest, but the last time I was there the food was still quite good and the view is always spectacular. I hope they are surviving the pandemic.

Cliff House Honey

One of the things I love about the desert is the lack of pesky bugs. So, imagine my surprise last night when I went out to water and brought along a glass of wine to enjoy the sunset. As I went to move the hose, I set my glass on the adobe wall and when I came back, I found out that a whole bunch of gnats evidently enjoy a nice, full cabernet as much as I do!

"Nice Protein Body"

"There once was a family that lived a stone's throw from me and they all had mysterious head injuries."

—Old Slingshot Saying

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