Thursday, December 24, 2020

The Mysterious Collector C. Schepp

 December 24, 2020

   Here's a guy who deserves nothing but the best and also buys nothing but the best.

The Mysterious C. Schepp

   This private collector has been buying up BBB original artwork for a long time. In fact, he ownss over 100 pieces of BBB original artwork and he owns more True West cover art than anyone else (13) and he is meticulous and voracious in his collecting habits. All three pieces, above, ended up on True West magazine covers, and now they belong to him, and his extended family.

   I am currently planning on a big, ambitious BBB Billy the Kid Art Retrospective Show next summer in New Mexico. There will be over 100 pieces of original art in the show, and guess who I have to go to in order to round up most of the artwork? 

   Actually, this is a good problem, since most are on the walls of his spacious home. The mysterious Mr. Schepp also knows how much I love quotes and snappy dialogue so he provides me with good zingers, like this exchange from Geronimo: An American Legend.

Al Sieber (Robert Duvall): "I just think you're a real sad case. You don't love who you're fighting for, and you don't hate who you're fighting against."

Lt. Charles Gatewood (Jason Patric): "Perhaps I could learn to hate with the proper vigor from you, Al."

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