Thursday, December 03, 2020

Two-lane Blacktop and A Big Arizona Sky

 December 3, 2020

   Thanks to my phone teasing me with old photos, I have been reminded of better times. Correction: as I look in the rearview mirror, almost everything looks "better" because it was pre-Covid-19.

Thunderheads Over Nogal

   On the road to the border town of Nogal in 2015. I am always a sucker for two-lane blacktop and a big Arizona sky.

   Snowbound and a light dusting around. . .

A Rare Winter blanket on Cave Creek

   This is from a couple years ago, before the Ocotillo Fire. The cactus inside the fence remain, but most of the trees on the other side of the wall are gone.

Same scene today

   File this next one under I Can't Leave Stuff Alone!

Daily Retweaked Whip Out:
"Billy Walks Alone II"

   And here's an old scratchboard of mine that Jana Bommersbach and I are going to utilize in our Wild Women of the Wild West book.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out: "Lariat Lil'"

   This next photo will probably not make it into the book.

DeAnne Giago styles it in the back
of Dan The Man's Ford truck.

   A Western fashion spread we actually ran in True West when it was thought that the only way to survive was to go to a lifestyle format. Dang! We were so lost in the woods! Or, in this case, the desert.

"Someday everything is going to be different when I paint that masterpiece."

—Bob Dylan

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