Sunday, February 07, 2021

A Typical Collaborative Orgasm

 February 7, 2021

   On remaining in harness: The main thing is, I absolutely love going into a creative meeting with one concept and coming out with a better concept. That is my idea of fun and joy and most of the people in those meetings are from my tribe.

Daily Whip Out: "The Joy of Collaboration"

Or: "A Typical Collaborative Orgasm"

    I say "most," because there is invariably one or two who bellow and demand to be right. Still, I admire people who are creative enough to buck popular trends, brave enough to disagree with me, and mature enough to admit when someone else has a better idea. It's a sketchy balance, but, like I said, the people who are good at this give me joy and are from my tribe.

Daily Whip Out: "When My Tribe Meets" 

I Can See Clearly Now

   When you get older you can see more clearly the cycles behind the cyles. From my current position, I see success as simply enjoying the view at the top while skewered on a rotisserie.


"A collection of angry people talking past each other isn't a community."
—Seth Godin, describing the current social media meltdown

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  1. Well Hell Bob, the one word I thought would never appear in your writings.....


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