Monday, February 08, 2021

Getting Dishonest With Honest Abe

 February 8, 2021

   My good friend Paul Northrop sent me these audio tapes of Will Chisum (John Chisum's brother) taped in the 1930s, plus a handwritten manuscript by John Selman, Jr. about his father in El Paso. 

   Now all I need is an old fashioned tape player! Have you got one I can borrow? Okay, someone just said I should simply take them to iMemories and have them transferred to CD. Perhaps that is the way to go.

   Great clouds last night.

Surging Vortex at Sunset
Over The Seven Sisters

   Read with interest, and horror, the interview in The New Yorker with the San Francisco Board of Education person who is leading the charge to change the names of 44 San Francisco schools. 

"Lincoln is not someone that I typically tend to admire or see as a hero, because of these specific instances where he has contributed to the pain of the decimation of [indiginous] people—that’s not something that I want to ignore." 
—Gabriela López, 30, the head of the San Francisco Board of Education

"Honestly Abe, I am so sorry
what we have done to you."
  Got this reaction from the Top Secret Writer:

   "Perhaps it would provide some comfort to the brain-dead school board member to know that Lincoln killed hundreds of thousands more white people than indigenous folks."
—Paul Andrew Hutton

"History is a cruel trick, played on the dead by the living."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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  1. George Scarborough, the man who killed John Selman, is buried in my town of Deming, New Mexico.


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