Friday, February 19, 2021

Arms Away!

 February 19, 2021

   Let's take a visual stroll through the theme of armed and dangerous individuals. It's not always dangerous, of course. Some times armed men can be funny.

Jingles & Wild Bill

"Wait for me, Wild Bill!"

And, of course, sometimes armed men can be muy macho.

Mexican Revolutionary Muchachos

   And, sometimes being armed is about all some desert rascal is wearing.

   And sometimes it's played for camp.

The Cisco Kid

   And sometimes it was meant to be hard, but, well, nice hat. . .

   A Bad Boy With A Big Crown

And sometimes it's just ridiculous. . .

Wyatt Earp (Hugh O'Brian)
and his Buntline Special

Let me say that pistols are not easy to render accurately. That's why this old poster is one of my favorites. Clean and solid. Not easy to do.

   With all this in mind, one particular gender is missing.

Daily Whip Out: "Two-Gun Mamacita"

   It's a study and a whip out and the pistols need work, but I nailed the look in her eyes. So, perhaps I'll find success on the second go round, but you know what they say about success. . .

"What is Success? It is a toy balloon among children armed with pins."
—Gene Fowler

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