Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dixxy Diamond, Gangway Goobers & Hackberry Hillbillies

 February 27 2021

   While you were sleeping a certain cowgirl was out tackling some of life's more perplexing issues.

Daily Whip Out:

"Lead, Follow Or Get Out of The Way!"

   What exactly does Ms. Diamond wear on her noggin'? I loath the oft-offered concept of the ubitquitous ball cap, but, other than that, Dixxy should certainly go against the grain of popular culture.

Daily Whip Outs:
"Studies for Dixxy's Headgear"

   And, by the way, what exactly is a "Gangway Goober"?

"The Only Facts That Matter to Me

Are the Ones I Agree With"

Daily Whip Out: "A Gangway Goober"

   Basically a Gangway Goober is a pendejo, only from Hackberry. But do not confuse them with a Hackberry Hillbilly. That's a whole different deal.

"It's too big. I'll get lost there!"

Daily Whip Out:

"A Hackberry Hillbilly Thinks

Peach Springs Is Too Large"

"I see by your outfit that you are an idiot."

—Old Hackberry Hillbilly Saying

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