Friday, April 26, 2024

A Good Day to Finish Some Whip Outs

 April 26, 2024

   I have several hundred—perhaps close to a thousand!—unfinished paintings in my studio and I very often run across one of them in my quest to find something else, of course. And I pick one up and think to myself, "I think I can improve this," and so, rather than find what I was originally looking for, I take a detour into, what Kathy calls, the Salvage Department Syndrome (she is a therapist and should know). 

   And, as you might guess, sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't.

Daily Retweaked Whip Out:

"Reachin' For Iron"

(Actually from a reference photo of Flint Carney pulling a pistol in front of the garage.)

Daily Retweaked Whip Out:

"Jesse In Darkness"

   During the Civl War, Missouri Bushwhackers carried as many as five, or even six, pistols.

Daily Retweaked Whip Out:

"Jesse James In Hell"

  An actual photo of just a smattering of my unfinished boards.

Mucho Daily Un-Finished Whipped Outs

(in a bin and stacked against the wall)

Meanwhile. . .

Opening Sequence of The 66 Kids Road Show

   A wide shot of Long Valley, west of Seligman, Arizona, just off old Route 66.

   Narrator: "In the beginning the road was just a path and trod by mocassin-clad-feet. Then came the camels and the stages and the freighters and then creeping on the scene a smattering of Model Ts, but after the second world war a seismic change happened."

   The camera slowly pans around until we see a narrow two-lane highway packed with classic 1950s and 60s American iron, rolling across the valley, bumper to bumper.

Craig Fouts Found These BBB
Billy-centric pen and inks
in Washington State.

      At some point it's going to be. . .

Daily Whip Out Sketch: "Adios!"

But, until then. . .

Whip Outs In Progress

(at 4:14 p.m.)

   Don't get me wrong, this is pure fun.

"I have learned that to be with those I like is enough."

—Walt Whitman

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