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The Prettiest Girl On Our Stretch of the Mother Road Inspires New Book

 April 6, 2024

   She was a Looker from a long line of lookers.

Janine Marie Prefontaine


   Every guy I knew growing up had a crush on her, and later, had the hots for her and we all suffered for it, except for one or two lucky bastards who I hope burn in hell for all eternity. Not that I'm jealous or bitter. I was actually both. And, on that account, I wasn't alone either. By all rights, she should have a road named for her. Call it Prefontaine Lane, or The Kingman Babe Bypass, or just Jan Drove Us All Nuts Here Drive. Anyway, you get the point and the bottom line is she's gone, but not forgotten.

   Speaking of immature guys who never grew up. . .

The Family of Gas

   Who would go all the way to Paris, France to make a gas joke? Well, that would be these two guys.

Dan The Man and BBB Yucking It Up

   Yes, here we are posing in front of the Edgar Degas (pronounced Day-gah) crypt in Montmartre (a suburb of Paris). As you can clearly see, it says "Family de Gas". We laughed and laughed as only two rubes from Kingman who grew up on Route 66 can laugh.

   So sue us.

   And, for the record, it was Dan who prompted me to do the follow up book to "The 66 Kid." That book, which was published by Voyageur Press in 2014 did okay, but not great. I told Dan I think I made a mistake because it was half memoir and half road trip and if I had to do it over again, I would have stayed on the road. The very next day I got this layout in my inbox.

   And, so here we are, ten years later and some of us are still kickin' and that includes Marshall Trimble who joins us on this second romp down memory lane. And, as for the girl who we all were in love with, this ones for you, Jan!

"I have waited a lifetime spent my life so foolishly.

But now that I've found you together we'll make history. It feels like the first time. It feels like the very first time."


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  1. Anonymous5:33 PM

    The quote is from Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time"- not Journey. Good song.


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