Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Girl In The Flatbed Ford

 April 24, 2024

   Once and for all, who was the girl in the flatbed Ford? You know, the one who slowed down and took a look at the hitchhiker, Jackson Browne, in Winslow, Arizona back in the early seventies?

A 1970 Flatbed Ford

   Kathy taught at Moon Mountain Elementary School back in the seventies and one of her fellow teachers was from Winslow and claimed to be the girl in the flatbed Ford. In my mind, she fits the bill and I have always believed her story and when I hear the song I see her face and, it makes me smile. She was, and is, a cutie, who married a prominent judge.

A convincing, but unconfirmed
photo of the girl in the flatbed Ford

"300 people, or more, stop for photographs every day at the corner to take photographs with the statue of Jackson Browne. On holidays and weekends it's non-stop."

—Stephanie Lugo, a board member of the Standing On A Corner Foundation

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