Monday, April 15, 2024

Another Dan-O-Rama Panorama Orgasma!

 April 15, 2024

   Last day on book. Clean up on aisle six. Plugging holes and fixing orphans. Everyone is a little buggy (we all worked straight thru the weekend) and it doesn't help that we are in our separate silos. We miss the board on the wall in the office and, unfortunately, the chain of emails and disparate texts is a big problem and a rabbit hole of confusion, to say the least.

   Still, I love the process and what is lost in the techno-swamp is still a huge high in terms of creative collaboration. Check out this spread that Dan The Man turned this morning. Could have been a throw away doubletruck, which got left until the end, but look at this cute little puppy!

Another Dan-O-Rama Panorama Orgasma!

   I tell you, that Kingman kid has a future in design. He also colorized both bottom images from badly faded photos. A treasure all by itself. Not to brag (too much) but here's another one, just for grins.

Link Wray Paved the Way

   And, here's a cartoon I have been putting off for a month or two. Finally had the time this morning to knock it out, to plug one of the last holes in the book.

Daily Whip Out:

"When Commie Surfers And Mucous Cowboys Meet!"

   Yes, this is an homage (or, a parody!) of the Charlie Russell painting, "When Sioux and Blackfeet Meet," but you probably knew that. This is my take on the Battle of Perfume Pass, where nothing actually happened, but it just wants to look like this and perhaps in the poster for the Netflix Special it will look like this.

"Everything is historic, nothing is true."

—Old Cynic Saying

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